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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Margret Boveri And Ernst Jünger: Correspondence, 1946 - 1973

Margret Boveri, Ernst Jünger
Margret Boveri und Ernst Jünger: Briefwechsel aus den Jahren 1946 bis 1973
Landtverlag, Berlin 2008
ISBN-10 3938844094
ISBN-13 9783938844090
Gebunden, 333 Seiten, 34,90 EUR

"Herausgegeben, kommentiert und mit einem Vorwort versehen von Roland Berbig, Tobias Bock und Walter Kühn." "It seems to me that the true émigré can still have a real life, because he has to (or at least can) grapple with a new country or new people. The inner émigré wears himself out in an eternal, fruitless maneuvering of engagement and disengagement. This can become habitual, so that connections break even if the external reasons for internal emigration disappear. How many people are there in Germany today who lead this sort of fictive existence? Many, I should think."

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