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Friday, February 02, 2007

An Introduction to Urban History in Ottoman Syria, 16th - 18th Centuries

An.tuw¯an 'Abdann¯ur
Introduction à l'histoire urbaine de la Syrie ottomane <16e - 18e siècle> / par Antoine Abdel Nour
Beyrouth : Librairie orientale, 1982
XVIII, 422 S.
Mans¯ur¯at al-G¯ami'a al-Lubn¯an¯iya : Qism ad-dir¯as¯at at-ta'r¯ih¯iya ; 25
Parallelsacht.: Madhal il¯a ta'rih al-mudun as-s¯ur¯iya f¯i 'l-'ahd al-'u_tm¯an¯i

Out of print? Accessible?

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